Magic, is a 50' Pacifica Sportfisher Yacht powered by Twin Diesel engines, offering a smooth and superior ride. We use Shimano 130’s and Penn 50’s with custom rods.


She’s a meticulously maintained vessel and provides all the comforts of a home indoors with the following amenities;

- Spacious air-conditioned cabin.

- TV/DVD and Stereo System

- Microwave in the common area, with a place to eat and comfortable seating.

- Private Cabins and beds, for those in need of a peaceful rest.

- Two heads (toilets)

We can accommodate up to six passengers maximum on all our day charters and provide all that you need for the day, apart from your personal needs, food/beverages, and transportation. There are spacious coolers with lots of ice on board for your use.


Captain, Russell Tanaka spent 15 years commercially fishing Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna) before crossing over to the Charter industry in 1995. He is one of the hardest working anglers you’ll ever meet. His 35+ years of experience and methodical attention to every detail, is reflected by a quiet disposition, Magic’s beauty and performance, our diligent crew, right down to the gear we use. Since running the Magic, he’s held a 90-95% catch rate.

An accomplished fisherman in sport as well, he’s one of only a few men in the history of Hawaiian fishing to catch 3 “Granders” (Blue Marlin, over 1,000 lbs) And in 2010 he caught 100+ Ahi, all weighing 100+ lbs! The entire fleet in Kewalo Harbor collectively, did not catch even 100 that same year! Every year since, he continues to bring in the most Ahi and notable catches.

Captain, “Toots”, runs our weekend/holiday charters as well as days Russell isn’t available. With his own records and over 45 years of experience, he has been Capt. Russell’s mentor and taught him all that he knows about fishing.

No matter which of our Captains you get, remember that you are getting all those years of Hawaii fishing experience!

Gear Type: Magic is outfitted with Penn & Shimano 130's, Penn 50's, and custom rods.

Fish Policy: Our crew will clean/fillet servings for our customers upon return.



2-3  lbs of your own catch

(If you want to take fish home, servings will be cut from a fish that you have caught, within our FIsh Policy*. You are welcome to share with other customers on board if they do not have a catch for the day.)



Up to 40 lbs. of whole fish for the entire group on board


*Determined by what is caught that day starting with the smallest fish and no fish weighing 80 lbs. or more will be cut into. Those over 80 lbs. are taken to our local fish auction which sustain local businesses. We make it as affordable as we can for you, the customer, to go fishing by taking the gamble on our profit margin day by day based on the fish we are able to catch and sell. This is also how your crew for the day earn a living. We want you to keep in mind this is a guarantee that they will hustle all day to get you onto some fish and not just out for a boat ride. NO FISH = NO PAY for the crew.


Arrangements can be made for mounting if you choose to take your trophy home to share stories for a lifetime. Ask your Captain for details and pricing upon return.